services we provide

computer related

Business & Personal Laptop Sales & Repairs

Laptop upgrades: Memory & Hard drive to Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

Custom Built Window Based computers

Backup of critical computers to NAS Network Drives & cloud for extra backup protection

Virus cleaning on computers

Antivirus software protection on individual computers or Cloud base Management 

Refurbished Window based PC’s & Laptop sales

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printer related

Laser Printer repair

Wireless Printer setup & connect to Wi-Fi

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Microsoft Windows Products

server & PC based service & support

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surveillance system related

Business Surveillance Systems: DVR’s, XVR’s, NVR Systems for recording

Camera of all types; Fixed Dome lens cameras, varifocal lens cameras, IR, IP and coax cameras, Indoor & outdoor cameras, PTZ (Pan tilt and Zoom) cameras, 360 degree fisheye cameras with audio, replacement cameras for existing cameras, Auto DVR’s & Cameras, covert cameras, wireless cameras

Home surveillance systems. Includes all of the above type DVR’s & Cameras.

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what we offer for Surveillance systems for
Business & Residential

a site survey & quote for their home or business

free demonstration of the software of the surveillance system in a live working environment

The site survey includes a camera layout of coverage of their place

Includes all of the above type DVR’s & Cameras

free Smart Phone App for either Apple or Android phones for live viewing & recording

SmartPSS software for either Apple or Windows based computer for viewing & recording video

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wi-fi sales & support

Wireless Routers for Home or Business

Wireless connectivity support for both printers & computers